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Sixxfingers is a story about a live bank heist. The US dollar has weakened to the value under a nickel. Every bank account in the US is on lockdown meaning no money in or out. (until further notice) However one man gets a tip about a local bank that has 90 million Yen located in its vaults. Because it’s located in a suburban US town, no one would expect a small bank to have so much foreign currency. 

So what do I mean by a live bank heist? During robbery all six will be wearing a pair of high definition video glasses. These glasses along with several 360 FLY video cameras will document the entire heist live on Facebook. This is an entirely new way of filming were we integrate the real world in every angle. Its nuts for any criminal but like nothing the viewer will ever experience. 360 Fly is a camera that records in 360 degrees so no angle is missed.  The entire heist takes place in 6 minutes but the police cant seem to locate them.

Locations: New York, LA, London


Agent Name: Lamont Burrell

Phone: +1.9179166844

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